SPACE WALKER secures 713 million yen (US$5M) in Series A Funding led by Realize Group

Cumulative raised amount is over 1.75 billion yen (US$12M).

SPACE WALKER, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Akihide Manabe; hereinafter referred to as SPACE WALKER) announces completion of its Series A funding round including pre-Series A, at a total of 713 million yen (US$ 5M). Realize Group is the lead investor, along with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter referred to as JAXA), JALUX Corporation of the JAL Group, and other further investors. This brings the cumulative amount of funding raised to date to 1.75 billion yen (US$ 12M).

SPACE WALKER is a university startup conducting research and development of winged reusable suborbital and orbital spaceplanes. The company also develops and sells composite tanks, utilizing space technology for both space and terrestrial industries. SPACE WALKER envisions sustainable commercial space transportation for all, as familiar as commercial air travel today.

■Background and Purpose of the Funding
The raised funds will be used for PoC (Proof of Concept) studies of the suborbital spaceplane, development of commercial spacecraft, expansion of the composites business, strengthening of associated personnel, as well as advertising and other working capital to further expand business and accelerate the realization of Japan’s world-class innovative future space transportation system.

■Press releases related to Series A Funding Round:
April 20, 2023
SPACE WALKER is the first private-sector rocket company to receive an investment from JAXA

April 12, 2023
SPACE WALKER and JALUX Enter into a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement

December 6, 2022
SPACE WALKER and Realize Corporation conclude a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement

■ Major Investors
Lead Investor:
Realize Group
(Realize Corporation Inc., Realize Venture Capital Inc.)

(Listed in romaji alphabetical order)
Cross Co., Ltd.
Gama Expert Inc.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Next Unicorn Lab Ltd.



■Realize Corporation Inc.
Yosuke Imafuku, CEO
We are very pleased to lead this Series A funding round.
Enabling the development of reusable rockets and clean fuel in project ECO ROCKET® will introduce new values to our society, contributing to the potential development of our Japanese economy. We continue to support SPACE WALKER, together with existing investors as well as new investors who participated in the Series A funding round.

Akihide Manabe, Co-Founder CEO
It is my pleasure to announce the successful closing of our Series A funding round, with the generous support from many stakeholders, including JAXA’s first direct investment in a private rocket company. We are at a major turning point in space development this year, with rising expectations from the government of Japan towards private sector rocket companies, and we hope to accelerate the development of a real space transportation system.
In our pursuit of the realization of manned spaceflight at SPACE WALKER, the ECO ROCKET concept links us to sustainable space development, enabling a better society for future generations.
We hope that many of you will continue to support us in our endeavors, to build a sustainable space future together.