Next Generation CFRP Vessels 宇宙開発テクノロジーから生まれた、未来を担うタンク Next Generation CFRP Vessels 宇宙開発テクノロジーから生まれた、未来を担うタンク

高圧ガス複合材タンク 極低温液体複合材タンク


Next Generation CFRP Vessels developed under strict requirements for space rockets.

At a time when the world needs to take concrete measures against climate change, the reduction of CO2, considered to have a significant impact on the environment, is the most critical issue. Important elements for realizing this energy shift are not only the production technology of the fuel itself, but also the manufacturing of composite tanks that can safely and efficiently transport and store clean fuels such as hydrogen.

SPACE WALKER develops winged reusable rockets using carbon-neutral liquefied methane as rocket fuel. The key component of the rocket is our fuel tank. Having completed development of a Type 4 ultra-high pressure gas vessel with a resin liner and carbon fiber winding, we are currently developing a Type 5 linerless composite cryogenic propellant tank. In space transportation, the fuel tank poses a significant impact on the overall weight of the rocket, and requires adherence to strict standards of safety, lightweighting, efficiency in storage, pressure-resistance, and strength.

The robust SW COMPOSITE PRESSURE VESSEL, developed for rocket technology, enables the transportation and storage of clean fuels such as hydrogen and a variety of energy materials through energy transitions. The SW COMPOSITE PRESSURE VESSEL will contribute to the realization of low-carbon and decarbonized mobility in the future of both space and earth.


Bringing SpaceTech to Earth 宇宙で。地球で。未来を担うタンクは活躍の場を拡げます。

In Space. On Earth.
Pressure vessels of the future expand their roles.

To realize a carbon neutral society - we will contribute both in space and on earth by storing and transporting diverse sustainable energy materials with our next-generation pressure vessels developed for storing energy in space.



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