SPACE WALKER raises Compensation Package over 10% with New Staff Benefits

SPACE WALKER announced a revision to its compensation package and staff benefits, effective as of April 2024.
The changes involve a new Project Allowance that results in over 10% wage increase, as well as a new staff benefit packageーincluding flextime and housing allowances.

By arranging a comfortable and inspiring work environment for employees, SPACE WALKER continues to invest in recruiting high talent and building a stronger team than ever, to accelerate its development of an innovative space transportation system.

〈 Main Changes to Compensation and Staff Benefits Package 〉

■ Over 10% Increase from Base Salary 

■ Introduction of Housing Allowance (specific divisions only) 

■ Revision to Commute Allowance

■ Introduction of Flextime

■ Introduction of Employee-Inventions Allowance


SPACE WALKER continues to recruit year-round, please visit our website to check our open positions:
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SPACE WALKER is a Tokyo University of Science certified startup, conducting research and development of winged reusable suborbital and orbital spaceplanes. The company also develops key components and other related businesses; such as next-generation composite tanks―applying space technology to accelerate industry decarbonization on Earth.
SPACE WALKER envisions sustainable space transportation for all, as familiar as commercial air travel today.

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