Co-Founder / Director CTO / Ph.D. in Engineering
(Educational background) Master's program in Mechanical Engineering (University of Tokyo) (1988)
(Career) Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Aerospace Company / Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology / Professor at Tokyo University of Science (current position)
(Occupational History) Research and development of the next medium-sized passenger aircraft YXX of the Japan Aircraft Development Association / Research and development and flight experiment of the winged flying vehicle HIMES / Research and development of the spacecraft HOPE-X / Ministry of Education, Space Science Institute Aircraft development, flight experiment / MOD next fixed wing patrol aircraft PX, next transport aircraft CX development Committee members of public organizations

Committee members of public organizations

Temporary member of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Space Development and Utilization Committee
Temporary member of the International Space Station / International Space Exploration Subcommittee, Ministry of Education

*Outside Directors as stipulated in Article 2 to Article 15 of the Companies Act