Kazuhide TODOME
Kazuhide TODOME

Kazuhide TODOME

Special Advisor
(Educational background) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
(Career) NEC Corporation Space Development Division / NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems Co., Ltd. / Executive Officer / Manned Space Systems Co., Ltd. Company (HAP) Advisor (current)
((Occupation) ETS-1, MOS-1 and other satellite structure system development / FMTP and other space shuttle experimental device development / OICETS, SELENE and other satellite project managers / NEC, ITOCHU quasi-zenith positioning system (JRANS) project manager / Houston Port information management system (HARBORLIGHTS) Japan agent

Committee members of public organizations

Committee members of public organizations Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace Engineering Society
Satellite design contest judge
JAXA Reliability Evaluation Committee
JAXA Space Photovoltaic System Committee Chair
International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation (IJSTMI) Editorial Board
Director, The Japan Society of Microgravity Application

*Outside Directors as stipulated in Article 2 to Article 15 of the Companies Act