New Year’s Message from CEO

New Year Message from Our CEO

I would like to start in deep gratitude to our community, as well as the many new businesses and people with whom we have had the pleasure of forming new relationships with in the past year. Your patience and trust have helped us to stay focused on our direction as a startup company developing a reusable spaceplane with sustainable technology.

2021 was a busy year for SPACE WALKER Inc.

In spring, we released a Pledge to Sustainable Space Development, followed by our announcement of ECO ROCKET, a reusable spaceplane mobilized by clean propellant, which is currently under development. These announcements solidified our commitment to sustainable rocket development that has minimal impact on our marine and atmosphere environment.

As a strategic key in summer, we completed an absorption-type merger of an ultra high-pressure vessel manufacturer to realize in-house manufacturing of our rocket fuel tanks.

Then in autumn, we entered two Agreements to further develop our CFRP pressure vessel technologies. These Agreements bring our space technology down to earth, in support of mobility decarbonization; for use in drone fuel cells in the sky as well as hydrogen storage and transportation on land and in water.

Meanwhile, our research and development team continues on a steady path towards the Proof of Concept demonstration of the Experimental Winged Rocket WIRES #015.

This continued growth pushes us forward and upwards as one of few Japanese university startup companies focused on sustainable technology in the development of spaceplanes.

In 2022, the preparations we have made will begin to take shape, and I’m excited to share further news with you this year.

Sending everyone best wishes for good health and fortune in the year ahead!



Akihide Manabe